These are polymers of high molecular weight that give rise to dispersions in aqueous medium and with different organic solvents; Thanks to its structure, they are protocol sensors, related to water, increasing the viscosity of the mixture at the time of interaction and generating a gel-like consistency in the final product.


    Considerations and Recommendations

    • Manufacture of gels for hair care.
    • Implementation in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for the production of disinfectant gel, toothpastes, dermal application gels and medical capsules
    • Promotes the permanent suspension of soluble ingredients.
    • Extends the rheological range due to its thickening characteristics,
    • It generates water stabilization of oil emulsions.
    Store in spaces with ambient temperatures greater than 35 ° C in sealed containers, protected from direct light and moisture. Avoid contact with the skin and especially with the eyes (See safety sheet) Before using the product, consult the safety data sheet and technical data sheet.
    20 Kg Box

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