Silicone-based defoamers have a silicone compound as active ingredient. This can be presented as an oil or in a water based emulsion. The siliconized compound consists of hydrophobic additives integrated in a dimethylpolysiloxane to which emulsifiers are added so that the silicon disperses rapidly in the foam-forming medium.


    • These defoamers are very effective against difficult foams and are very good at removing foam from the surface, as well as releasing the trapped air in the middle, because we find a wide variety of uses in almost all industries.

    Considerations and Recommendations

    • Chemical industry in general
    • Distillations of alcohol, brandy, tequila.
    • Foods of milk, coffee, juices and fruit concentrates and jams.
    • Fermentations.
    • Manufacture of sweets and chocolates.
    • Water treatment.
    For an easy and direct application of the A30 antifoam in aqueous medium. It was formulated with FDA-grade non-ionic emulsifiers, ensuring its high efficiency, good compatibility and long permanence, thus achieving use within the food and pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the KOSHER certification that guarantees the safety of our raw materials and our manufacturing process.
    • Store in spaces with temperatures below 80 ° C.
    • Avoid contact with the skin and especially with the eyes (See safety sheet)
    • Before using the product, consult the safety data sheet and technical data sheet.
    • 20 kg container
    • 200 kg drum

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