Silicone Oils EMULZERA 60


    Silicone Oils, due to their surface and substrate protection qualities, their non-stick effect, lubrication and increased product color find wide use in many industries.


    • Silicone Emulsions use water as a diluent, which allows the easy application of very precise layers of Silicone.
    • In the emulsion, a medium viscosity oil with specific emulsifiers, not ionic to a fine dispersion, is used.

    Considerations and Recommendations

    • Rubber, plastic and resin release agent
    • Protection and cleaning products
    • Lube finish for rubber parts
    • Manufacture of textile and leather auxiliaries.
    • Its main characteristic is water solubility.
    • Lubricates and brightens.
    • It is stable under optimal storage conditions.
    Store in spaces with temperatures not higher than 35 ° C. Avoid contact with the skin and especially with the eyes (See safety sheet) Before using the product, consult the safety data sheet and technical data sheet.
    • 20 kg carafe.
    • 200 kg drum
    • 1000 kg isotank

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