Silicone oil is a dimethylpolysiloxane fluid that is presented with a different degree of poly condensation and as a consequence in different viscosity with respect to other fluids of this type. The molecular structure of this fluid gives it excellent properties (See benefits)


    • Good emulsion stability
    • Minimum variation between each Batch
    • Excellent release agent
    • Generates brightness on a variety of surfaces

    Considerations and Recommendations

    • Lubrication and protection of different components of the car.
    • Implemented in locks and guides of seats or sliding roofs.
    • Non-reactive product that can be used on different surfaces without risk of causing chemical reactions or corrosion problems.
    Silicone Emulsions use water as a diluent, which allows the easy application of very precise layers of Silicone that together with a medium viscosity oil emulsified with non-ionic surfactants generate a fine and stable dispersion. The molecular structure of this fluid gives it excellent properties, among which we highlight:
    • Low solidification point.
    • Excellent stability at high temperatures.
    • Little variation of viscosity as a function of temperature.
    • Chemically inert against most chemical agents.
    • Low surface tension
    • No degradation by the action of atmospheric agents
    • Immiscible with most organic materials.
    • High compressibility
    • Good dielectric properties
    • Store in spaces with temperatures higher than 20 ° C.
    •   Contact with the skin and especially with eyes should be avoided
    •   Before using the product, consult the safety sheet and technical data sheet.
    •  20 kg Container
    •  200 kg Drum

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