Silicone emulsion Emulzerac

Silicone emulsion

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Silicone emulsion – Emulzerac

Emulzerac is insoluble silicone evenly dispersed in water with the aid of an emulsifying non-ionic surfactant. Also is easy to use and apply, is more environmentally friendly than solvent-based systems, being water-based do not generate additional health hazards in the workplace.

Silicone emulsion are widely used as formulation ingredients in products such as surface protection, anti-adherents, lubricants, product color enhancement, cosmetics, body care products, and many other commercial products. 

Emulzerac is compose by water, polydimethylsiloxane, and emulsifying agents to make thin silicone films, which allows for easy application of very precise silicone coatings that give superior performance to other products.


– Silicon emulsion 60% in Polydimethylsiloxane.
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Emulsión siliconada
Emulsión siliconada


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