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The addition of small amounts of silicone-based additives helps food and industrial product manufacturers reduce foaming levels, improving process efficiency and the quality of their final products and the effectiveness of their process. It also reduces cavitation, spills and other hazards; protecting people and equipment by preventing, reducing or eliminating foam as required.

Silicone defoamers cause foam to collapse rapidly as a result of intermolecular interactions. Thus, these additives help us control foam levels during agitation, distillation or evaporation processes, so defoaming formulations make manufacturing more efficient, cleaner and improve product quality. Antifoamzera I10


  • For industrial processes the use of references I are ideal due to their great migration and dispersion in the foam-forming media, preventing the formation of this during mixing, fluid transport, packaging, among others.
  • They are very effective against difficult foams and are very good at removing foam from the surface, as well as releasing air trapped in the medium, due to this they are found in a wide variety of uses in almost all industries.

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Plastic drums wuth each containing:

  • 20 kg carafe.
  • 200 kg drum

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Zerachem  – MQR SAS is a company dedicated to the manufacture of chemical products in the industrial area and food additives, with the ability to offer raw materials that meet the needs of our customers. To fulfill our mission we take care of factors such as:


We help you choose the right raw material for your different processes. Always thinking about the quality of the final product.

Timely delivery

We have trusted suppliers that help us deliver our supplies in a timely manner to anywhere in the United States

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Quality guarantee

Our raw materials are developed with the highest quality standards, endorsed by regulatory bodies


Our company is based on social, environmental and economic commitment in order to transcend time.


ith the aim of guaranteeing the continuous improvement of our processes and products and thanks to the work of our human team, the quality of the inputs and the development of solid projects, we have received the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification from TÜVRheinland, a company world leader in inspections, verifications, tests and certifications, where they endorse our high standards in the organization’s processes, for the benefit of our entire community.

Likewise, we carry out the measurement of the carbon footprint to be a socially, environmentally and corporately responsible company, responding to all the actors in our value chain, mitigating the impacts that our operation requires.

Mar Quimicos sas is the company that built and created the Zerachem brand.

Antiespumantes para alimentos
Antiespumantes para alimentos
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